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A Space to Grow Food and People

A Space to Grow Food and People

Olly and I met at agricultural college a very long time ago. So you would think we might know what we are doing? Well at least we are trying. Let me introduce you to the wonderful animals who put up with us:

We have Jacob sheep. We bought the two ewes, Gertrude and Jeckyll, in lamb in January 2016. They both gave birth to twins completely unaided. We got to see a couple of nights of Northern Lights when we checked on them. This year (2018) we had 8 new lambs so our flock is growing. We are experimenting with mob grazing - this is reputed to maximise your grass growing potential. 

We also have geese, which are just pets - and not very friendly. One of them does lay in the Spring time but hasn't yet managed to actually hatch any goslings.

We also have about 11 chickens. Here is one of them reminding me to feed her. They are quite an independent lot – in particular they refuse to lay their eggs in one place or where we can find them. Very annoying!

On the flora side we planted an orchard of apples, nuts and plums thanks to the generous help of our friends and family who sponsored trees. We have started growing a small amount of flowers and vegetables as well as herbs for cooking and teas and experiment with edible flowers. We are high up and quite exposed though so the growing season is very short! However the fruit trees are laden with fruit this year so we will soon be busy making jams and chutneys.

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