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Kittie Jones Artist

Many artists across the globe take inspiration from wildlife and animals, and painter and printmaker Kittie Jones specialises in creating beautiful work inspired by British nature. Kittie focuses a lot of her work on British birds and the landscapes they live in, and she often uses various areas across Scotland as a background for her work.

In recent years Kittie has turned her focus to printmaking as well as painting, and her screen prints depict the colourful and bold characteristics of these birds and their environments. She does many of her pieces by drawing directly from life, and most of her work starts with her out on location making sketches and drawings of the world around her.

About Kittie

A fine artist based in Edinburgh, in 2018 Kittie graduated from Edinburgh College of Art and Edinburgh University and now works from her studio in Leith. She was elected as a professional member of the Society of Wildlife Artists back in 2018, and her nature pieces have been honoured with various awards over the years.

As a painter and printmaker, Kittie produces small edition screen prints, charcoal and ink wash drawings, mixed media paintings and unique multi-layered monotypes. As well as being a fine artist based in Scotland, Kittie Jones also delivers various fine art workshops at the Leith School of Art and teaches in the Portfolio Course at Bridge House Art in Ullapool during the winter months.


The Scottish Wildlife

Kittie’s process of creating a new art piece often begins in the great outdoors, where she will get out and be among the creatures that inhabit the natural world. Her usual starting point is to spend time out in the wildlife of Scotland, observing the birds and the constantly changing elements of the world.

Kittie will start her artistic process by drawing directly from life when she is out amongst the Scottish wildlife. She aims to capture nature and the relationship that humans have with it and being based in Scotland gives her plenty of opportunities to get out and get inspired by the great outdoors.

Find out more at kittiejones.com