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Seasonal Recharge Retreats with Tara & Sue at Connection Retreats

Seasonal Recharge Retreats with Tara & Sue at Connection Retreats

Connection SPRING: May 5th - 7th 2023 (Wait List Only)
AUTUMN: October 6th - 8th 2023 (Wait List Only)

As demonstrated by the seasons and nature, life is a series of changes and cycles. These 2-night seasonal retreats offer you time away to recharge, restore and reflect. Burmieston offer wide open spaces, fresh air and natural beauty. There will be no wifi or TV so this is the ultimate digital detox.

Both on and off the mat, we balance with yin and yang aspects. Yin is passive, allowing and nourishing. Yang is active, vibrant and energising. These retreats offer both yin and yang yoga sessions, for all levels, to restore balance.

Planned activities combined with personal space to ensure ample downtime throughout the day to wander/ explore on your own, or with others. We will come together as a small group to practice and to share meals.


  • a mixture of both energising and deeply relaxing yoga sessions
  • myofascial release (MFR), meditation & pranayama (breathing practices)
  • nutritious and delicious vegetarian/ vegan food (with GF options available)
  • personal space to enjoy beautiful countryside walks, to read a book…

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