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Scone Palace

Scone Palace

Scone Palace

Scone Palace is about 45 minutes from Burmieston and possibly the most important local historical building. 

Once the palace that crowned Scotland’s monarchs, such as Robert the Bruce and Charles II, Scone Palace is still home to the Mansfields, who originally owned Burmieston. A delight to explore, the palace houses a number of exhibits and things for visitors to take full advantage of.

Over the years the palace itself has become one of the most popular tourist attractions in both Perth and Scotland, owing to its beautiful grounds and fabulous 'tartan' maze – shaped like the Murray star and designed by the world-famous architect Adrian Fisher. There is also an adventure playground, walled garden and world renowned arboretum once looked after by the famous Scottish plant hunter David Douglas. Inside the palace reside a beautiful collection of antiques and paintings that give visitors a glimpse of the wealth experienced by the noblemen of the times.

The palace itself honours the times by exhibiting an extensive collection of furniture, paintings and family heirlooms that are on display for visitors to view. Visitors can stroll through the Long Gallery, where Charles II was crowned as King of Scotland in 1661 and see where the Stone of Destiny, also known as the Stone of Scone, was once displayed. 

If you’re looking for a mixture of history and family-fun, then Scone Palace is undoubtedly the attraction for you and shouldn’t be missed.