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Our Suppliers

Our Suppliers

I have scoured the length and breadth of the internet to find suppliers for this build. It has been quite the experience. We have the following to take into account:

  • The environmental impact
  • The longevity of the product
  • The social impact
  • The aesthetic ‘feel’
  • Practicalities

I hope to have time to go into the reasons we chose our suppliers in further detail but for now this is a list of who we have chosen:

  • Beds, mattrasses, duvets and pillows are from the wonderful Abaca Organics.
  • Tiles from Cerim and supplied by the very helpful and knowledgeable team at Casa Ceramica.
  • Showers from the very competitive and helpful Hayley at Save Money Cut Carbon.
  • Some lighting and the brass bed and a lot of inspiration from the trove of treasures that is Retrouvius.
  • All things accessible from the fabulous Motion Spot.
  • Fabrics and sun-filled inspiration from South Africa provided by SkinnylaMinx via The South is Blooming.
  • Soaps from Planet Soap in Crieff. Jill has cleverly worked out a way to include Burmieston herbs within the soaps she is making for us (scale was initially a problem) so now you will be able to wash with a bit of Burmieston! We are working on a way to let guests take these home with them to stop partly used soaps going to waste.
  • We have just supported Paul Cocksedge’s latest design project on Kickstarter. I have admired his work ever since his degree show where he designed an amazing light out of polystyrene coffee cups. The irony is that I assumed they were used coffee cups but of course they had been bought for the project. However his latest project is all about reusing old speakers or #saveaspeaker. We are hoping to have his Vamp in each of the rooms of the Steading this summer (2017). Check it out!
  • So excited to be working with wonderful Sarah Peterson whom I discovered while on the High Street in Perth. She transforms old pieces of once loved furniture into really special one-offs. A lot of people are at it nowadays using the ubiqitous Annie Sloane paints (including myself!), yet Sarah is on another level entirely. Her attention to detail and the extremely high level of finish is quite an inspiration. Perhaps I need her to come and do a Master class here at Burmieston – anyone interested?
  • Another local new small business owner will be making our curtains and blinds – The Alteration Boutique run by Flo Cornu in Perth.
  • Yesterday we took delivery of tables for the kitchen made out of old scaffolding boards and some lovely bits and pieces for the rooms, all from Under the Arches in Perth.
  • The kitchen is a mix of things we have found but many pieces are from Nkuku – one of my longterm favourite homeware stores. You can find out who made every single item they sell – all handpicked by the Nkuku team. Fair trade in all its true glory.
  • Edward’s Engineering, a local metal fabrication firm have made and installed the handrail up the steps to the Loft and organised the supply of the two silo’s.
  • Local artist Claudia Massie is lending us some of her fantastic art work. If you fancy taking any of it home let me know!
  • I can organise delicious sourdough bread for you from The Wild Hearth Bakery near Comrie. They describe themselves as the following:

“Our reconditioned World War Two Nissen hut houses a state-of-the-art oven, fired exclusively with wood sustainably logged by horses on a nearby estate.

Our breads and pastries are slowly and carefully created by hand from organic flours and wild ‘starters’ for the optimum depth of flavour, balance and lightness. In fact, everything we currently make is sourdough, even our croissant.

We don’t take shortcuts. Our wood-fired oven takes 10 hours to fire from cold. Our starters ripen for around 16 hours before we mix our doughs. Our doughs rise on average for seven hours in our warm bakery before being baked, and our pastries much longer.

Everything we do is for the pleasure of real baking – natural, nourishing and delicious.”

How wonderful is that!